Yup: The Basics

What is Yup? Yup is an on-demand math tutoring app. Whenever students need help with math, they can take a picture of a problem and connect with an expert tutor for 1:1 support.

What subjects do tutors cover?

Yup supports tutoring for Early Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus AB.


Do you cover statistics?

Yes, we cover high school statistics! At this time, we do not cover college statistics/AP Statistics. Click this link to find more information about the subjects we cover.


Is Yup only text-based? 

Students and tutors work together through texting, image sharing, and a virtual whiteboard. Texting through Yup's secure app ensures student and tutor safety as well as provides a communication method that most students are comfortable with.


Is there any audio/video support?

There is no video support, but there are text-to-speech, and speech-to-text features available for students.


Are tutors available to support other languages?

Currently Yup tutors are only available in English. There is a Spanish translation feature that will translate any typed text into Spanish.


Our teaching methods

Our mission is to empower every student to learn. We know that you care about your student's future, and we do too! That’s why we developed a framework for tutoring that puts focus on long-term learning rather than finding the fastest answer. Our tutors use a problem-solving approach we want your student to walk away with and use on future problems (in math and beyond!).

Our tutors balance questioning and explanation to ensure conceptual understanding while making students feel heard and supported. To do this, we established 3 pillars, which we feel are the most essential elements for a high-quality tutoring session: empathy, pedagogy, and precision.

  • Empathy: tutors ensure that your student feels heard, supported, and successful
  • Pedagogy: tutors balance questioning and explanation to introduce concepts at the right time and check your student's understanding throughout the problem-solving process
  • Precision: tutors ensure that concepts are clear by using visual aids and by teasing out precise language

What does this mean for your student? Our experts say this approach leads to better...in the classroom. It's important to remember that the first problem will take longer than any subsequent problems because that's when most of the learning happens. Yup tutoring empowers your student with skills that they can apply to problems down the road. Of course, we’ll still be here to help!


How do Yup tutors supplement their teaching in sessions?

Yup tutors have a diverse toolkit when it comes to helping students learn. These tools include secure texting, photo-sharing, and a live whiteboard. Tutors also have access to a full resource library where they can quickly share “content cards” that outline key concepts, definitions, and formulas.


Our tutors

Yup tutors are current and former teachers, professors, tutoring professionals, and graduate students with extensive math experience and a passion for helping students learn.

Our tutors must pass a rigorous application process that includes subject exams to test content knowledge, a teaching exam to assess a tutor’s ability to teach concepts effectively, and a working trial period. During this working trial period, tutors receive regular evaluations from our Learning Team, as well as a thorough onboarding that focuses on our teaching methods and policies. Only 5% of tutors who apply to our program are accepted to tutor with Yup.

Meet some of our tutors here! 


When will Yup cover X subject?

We want to eventually expand to other subjects, but currently only cover these math subjects. If you have suggestions for future subjects please send them along to support@prenda.co.