AZ ESA Student Invoicing Overview & Using ClassWallet

AZ ESA Invoices and Payment options

>>Step-by-step instructions for using ClassWallet are in the middle of this article.

This article explains:

  • How payments flow through ClassWallet
  • Breakdown of invoice fees
  • Invoicing schedule
  • How to view and download a Prenda invoice
  • Paying a Prenda invoice in ClassWallet
  • Paying a Prenda invoice using a credit card
  • Additional ESA and ClassWallet resources

Prenda, guides, and parents interact financially through ClassWallet

Prenda makes it easy for you to pay your child’s Prenda invoice through ClassWallet.

ClassWallet is the financial management portal used by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to manage ESA funding transfers and reimbursements. Prenda is registered as an approved ESA vendor and classified as an in-person/online program with ClassWallet.  Parents and guardians will use ClassWallet to pay the invoices for their ESA-funded students in microschools powered by Prenda. 

Each quarter (four times per school year), Prenda invoices parents for each of their students enrolled in a Prenda microschool. Parents then pay those invoices via the ClassWallet portal using their child’s ESA funds. 

Prenda fee and Guide fee

Each ESA-funded student is charged an annual Prenda fee and Guide fee. Those fees are broken into four quarterly invoices. These annual fees are inclusive of microschool services for the entire school year and allow payments to be made easily as funds are deposited into your child’s ClassWallet account. 

The Prenda fee is the annual service fee charged in exchange for access to all of Prenda’s services. Some examples of services include providing access to daily academic progress planning tools, mastery-based curriculum and learning tool licenses, and access to on-demand math tutoring. This also covers Prenda’s services to guides including Prenda support, access to experienced academic coaches, and guide pay administration. Click here for more details on what services Prenda provides to guides and students.

The Prenda fee is an annually fixed rate of $2,199 for 1st-8th grade students (billed at $549.75 quarterly) and $1,499 for kindergarten students (billed at $374.75 quarterly).  

The Guide fee is paid to guides for their guiding services. It is determined by each student’s guide and will vary from microschool to microschool depending on each school’s circumstances. The guide fee is set as part of the guide registration process and the fee stays the same for the whole school year. Guides run their microschool as an independent business and are neither employees nor independent contractors of Prenda. 

Single-family microschools, in which parents guide only their own children, do not have guide fees because guides cannot be paid from ESA funds if only their children are in their school.


Student Invoicing Schedule

ESA funds are distributed quarterly by the AZ Department of Education to families as explained on the AZ ESA FAQ website:

Q1:  July 1 - September 30

Q2:  October 1 - December 31

Q3:  January 1 - March 31

Q4:  April 1 - June 30

Funds are typically added to student ESA ClassWallet accounts between the 20th of the first month of each quarter and the 10th of the second month of each quarter, though actual deposit dates can vary.

Students are invoiced quarterly by Prenda to match the quarterly distribution of ESA funds to families. 

The first student invoice will be issued by the end of the student’s first week of school. Each subsequent invoice will be issued within the first two weeks of every new quarter. Invoices will be distributed by October 15 for Q2, January 15 for Q3, and April 15 for Q4. 

Invoices are due within 15 days of receipt. In the event of non-payment, Prenda will revoke the student’s access to the Prenda platform 15 days following the quarter of non-payment. The guide has the discretion to remove the student from their microschool earlier than the 15-day post-quarter period for non-payment. 

Here is an example of a quarterly invoice: 

In this sample invoice, the quarterly Prenda fee is $549.75. The quarterly guide fee for “Gloria Guide’s Microschool” is $500. The total invoice amount, including both fees, is $549.75 + $500 = $1,049.75.  

The total amount is due within 15 days, to be paid by parents via ClassWallet using ESA funds, private funds, or a combination of the two. This example may not reflect your individual situation or your invoice amount because guide fees vary.


How to view and download a Prenda student invoice

Prenda student invoices are accessible through the Prenda parent portal. 

Step 1: Go to, enter your email address and password, and click Continue

Step 2: Go to the “Invoices” tab on the sidebar menu. Here, you may view and download all the invoices that have been issued to your child(ren), under their name.

Use the dropdown arrow to view each child’s posted invoices. 

The invoice number is a link that will allow you to view and download the invoice as a PDF.

CW invoice-1

Step 3: Click on the invoice number to open the student invoice in a pdf viewer. 

Once the invoice has been reviewed, click the download button (it usually looks like a big arrow) to save the invoice. Save the invoice in a folder where it can be easily referenced. It will be necessary to upload the invoice into ClassWallet later so the invoice can be paid.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your invoice amounts, please notify your child’s guide and/or Prenda, so that any concerns may be addressed before the payment due date.

Prenda invoices are due 15 days after the date of issuance. Should there be any funding issues or delays, Prenda strongly recommends that parents speak with their child(ren)’s guides for possible solutions and support. If you are a parent guiding a single-family microschool with these concerns, you may email Prenda directly at for support.


How to pay a student invoice using ClassWallet

This section covers the “pay vendor” function of ClassWallet, which is how you use ESA dollars to pay a student invoice from Prenda. 

When you receive a new invoice from Prenda, please review your invoice and submit payment through ClassWallet as soon as you are able. This will prevent payment delays to Prenda and your child’s guide.

To start: Prenda will notify parents of a new student invoice via text message. This text message will contain a link to Prenda World, where you may log in to view and download a pdf copy of the invoice. 

View, download, and save the invoice from Prenda World as a pdf by following the instructions in the “How to view and download a Prenda student invoice” section above. Have your saved pdf invoice handy before heading to ClassWallet. 

To pay: Now that you have the invoice saved as a pdf, log into your Arizona Department of Education ESA portal. Go to your ClassWallet account.

From your ClassWallet account, click the Pay Vendor button on your dashboard. 


If you have more than one child under your name, please double-check which child’s account you have selected to pay from. You will need to repeat this payment process for each child so that funds are withdrawn correctly.


Step 1: Note the progression bar highlighted in the screenshot below. Paying an invoice is a seven-step process (ending with a confirmation page on step 7). Search for “Prenda” under “P” then Select Vendor

Step 2: Type the total dollar amount from the Prenda student invoice in the Enter the payment amount box. Indicate how much ESA funding to apply toward this invoice in the Amount from Wallet box. You may choose to apply partial ESA funds if you are splitting your payment between ESA and private funds. Please note that a service fee will populate when you enter your invoice total; this is expected and covered by Prenda, and should not be added to the payment amount.

Step 3: Upload the invoice you downloaded from the parent portal. 

Step 4: Choose your purse type ("Arizona ESA"). Please note that if you are using ClassWallet from a state other than Arizona, your purse type will be affiliated with your state-specific program (i.e. NHEFA).

Step 5: Classify the payment as "Tuition or fees online learning program (non-public)."

CW category

Step 7: Review/submit the payment. 

Step 8: Check the confirmation page. After submission, select the “Manage Orders” button under the “Pay Vendor” button.

You will see a line item for “Prenda, Inc.” Your remaining ESA funds, less pending transactions, will show in the top blue bar in the upper-right corner of this page.

The ESA payment processing time can vary. This delay is not due to Prenda but rather is dependent on the processing speed of the ESA office at ADE. Prenda pays guides after money from ADE is received or after a parent has submitted proof of payment to, as well as their child’s guide.


How to pay an invoice using a credit card

Prenda strongly encourages parents to pay invoices via ClassWallet. Prenda notifies parents of a new invoice via text message. 

If you would prefer to pay the Prenda invoice by credit card, make sure that Prenda and your child’s guide are both aware of this preference. This will ensure that you receive an emailed copy of your child’s invoice, with a credit card payment link. Please note that emailed invoices come from the automatic email address: Many email spam/junk filters automatically reject this type of email, and your settings may need an adjustment to receive this email. If you did not receive the emailed invoice, please contact Prenda Invoices at for additional troubleshooting support.

Once the emailed invoice has been received, you will open the email to access the credit card link. You may also download the PDF attachment to have a copy of the invoice for your records. Regardless of payment method, your child’s invoices will also be stored in the Prenda World parent portal. 

You may access the credit card portal by clicking the green “Pay now” button, or by following the link under “View and pay your bill online:” (see screenshot below).

The “Pay now” button will lead you to Prenda’s credit card processor, where you can view the full details of your child’s invoice and enter your credit card information. 

Follow the green “Pay now” button to enter your information and process your payment.

⚠️Important: If you are paying your child’s Prenda invoice by credit card, in order to request reimbursement from ClassWallet, you may need to request a detailed transaction receipt from Prenda directly. You may do this by emailing with your name, request, and the date of the payment. The ESA payment processing time can vary. This delay is not due to Prenda but rather is dependent on the processing speed of the ESA office at ADE. Prenda pays guides after the credit card payment has cleared.


Other ESA and ClassWallet Resources

For more information about the ESA program and regulations, you may find the 2023-2024 ESA Parent Handbook on the AZDE website or by following this link here.

For funding issues and other concerns, you may contact the AZ ESA Helpdesk at (602) 364-1969.

Prenda cannot assist with technical difficulties experienced in ClassWallet. Please contact ClassWallet support for navigation and technical assistance. ClassWallet offers various training videos and has a detailed Help Center. Get support with ClassWallet here.

For Prenda-related ESA and invoicing questions, please contact