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Yup for Prenda guides


The following content applies to privately-enrolled students funded by ESA, EFA, or other private pay sources.

Can guides add students to Yup?

No, all students will be given access to Yup through Prenda World. If there is a student who should have access to Yup, guides should contact Prenda support.

Do parents have access to Yup?

Parents do not have access to Yup, but guides are welcome to share a student’s Yup usage if parents inquire.

How do I know if students are using more than three hours a week?

Yup will be monitoring student usage. You will be sent a weekly email with students who are using, and any student using over three hours will be flagged in the weekly email.

Can I purchase Yup for my non-Prenda students?

Yup subscription plans are available for individual purchase at the Yup website.