Age Requirements for Entering a Microschool

Prenda microschools are designed to support students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Age requirements to join a microschool differ depending on which type of microschool a student joins. 

For students joining a microschool utilizing a state-funded education savings account (ESA), students must have an active account through the state. Age requirements to qualify for those accounts vary by state. Details for each state where Prenda is an approved ESA vendor are below:

  • Arizona (ESA): Students must turn five by January 1st of the school year they start kindergarten to qualify for ESA funding. 
  • New Hampshire (EFA): Students must be five old by September 30th to participate.

For students joining a microschool using direct pay, Prenda will register students upon request of the student’s parent or guardian. If a parent decides to participate using direct pay before the child turns five, they may still need to enroll in kindergarten the following year. 

For students joining a microschool in partnership with one of Prenda’s public education partners, students must meet the age requirements of each partner. Details for each state where Prenda has public education partners are below:

  • Arizona: To join a partner-funded microschool powered by Prenda, students must be enrolled with the chosen charter partner. To enroll in public school, children must be five by August 31st of the year they start kindergarten. Early kindergarten testing is a possibility for students who miss that cut-off and needs to be coordinated directly with the charter partner.
  • Colorado: To join a microschool in partnership with BOCES, Prenda will not register children who turn five after October 1st of the current year.  
  • New Hampshire: Kindergarten enrollment cut-off dates in NH range from August 15th to December 31st. 
    • Students enrolling in a Prenda district learning pod are subject to ​​their local education agency (LEA), which determines the age of entrance for kindergarten.
    • Students enrolling in a Prenda community learning pod must turn five on or before December 31st of the current year.